Together We Overcome: Despite All Challenges, Our Community Lifts Us Up

Together We Overcome: Despite All Challenges, Our Community Lifts Us Up



These past months have been a stressful time not only for our local community but also the world. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live day-to-day, and this is especially true for us here at Sagepoint.

Some of the groups at greatest risk for COVID-19 are older adults and immunocompromised people. In our facilities we serve seniors and people with disabilities — most of whom have preexisting health conditions or complications. Because of this it’s no surprise that the pandemic has had such a large effect on long-term care centers.

While we have always worked closely with our larger community, we must rely on these connections now more than ever. Because it truly takes a village to support our most vulnerable neighbors.

Sagepoint has always taken the safety of our seniors seriously, and COVID-19 was no different. We were quick to implement preventative protocol, many times even before it was mandated at the state or national level. This includes practices like ample PPE and regular testing.

Especially at the height of the pandemic, these measures represented a significant financial cost that Sagepoint was not anticipating. To date, we have spent nearly $1 million on routine COVID-19 testing for staff and residents alone.

This is no small expense, but we continue to utilize these techniques because we understand that it is the only way to keep our seniors safe — which has always been our top priority. Due to the early adoption of this protocol, Sagepoint went 16 months without a COVID-19 positive resident.

The theme for our 2021 end-of-year giving campaign is “Together We Overcome.” This pays tribute to all of our recent challenges while still recognizing the triumphs we can have when we come together as a community.

Your contributions will be making a direct impact on our Sagepoint seniors. Funds will be used for offsetting staggering COVID-19 costs and also help launch new initiatives within our facilities.

All year-end gifts are tax deductible. You also may be able to do charitable giving through your IRA, which can reduce taxable income. If you’d like you can also set up a recurring donation to support Sagepoint.

However you are able to contribute this year, we couldn’t be more grateful for the continued love and support from our community. We truly couldn’t do this without you.

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Man golfing

Our Second Annual Golf Tournament Brings Even More Success


Man golfing


Returning for its second year, our Sagepoint Golf Tournament was held on Wednesday, September 22 at Swan Point Yacht & Country Club. The tournament has quickly become one of our most popular — and successful — fundraising events.

We are so grateful for such an incredible turnout again this year, and have been blown away by the continued generosity of our community. With the contributions of our tournament sponsors and participants we were able to surpass our fundraising total from last year raising more than $57,000!

Event attendees were able to enjoy an exciting day on the course. Food and drink from our sponsors only added to the festivities. Even those who don’t golf still had a fun-filled day at our Sip & Swing event, where they had an itinerary complete with crafts and activities.

It was amazing to see our Sagepoint community out in full swing, but the best part of the tournament isn’t even what happened on the day of the event. The true reason for the event was to rally in support of our Sagepoint seniors and continue to provide them with the best care possible.

The funds from the event will help support both programs and operations as well as new initiatives at Sagepoint. Our residents deserve nothing less. And at a time when the world is still recovering from the impact of COVID-19, every contribution will make an even greater impact.

Because the Golf Tournament always brings happiness to both our seniors and the larger Sagepoint community, we’re excited to announce that the date is already set for next year’s event. Mark your calendars now for September 21, 2022!

Family enjoying time together

Giving Tuesday is Coming and Sagepoint Would Love Your Support



As we get closer to the holiday season, one very important global event is also approaching. Every year, Giving Tuesday marks a chance to come together and celebrate the generosity of communities across the world. 

Giving Tuesday is not exclusive to any one particular cause or charity, instead allowing all to coexist without competition. Since its inception in 2012, the event has inspired millions of people to step up and make a difference in thousands of communities in different places. 

It’s also important to note that not every donation has to be monetary. Giving Tuesday started with the simple idea that everyone has something to give. This can mean making financial contributions to a cause that’s close to your heart, but it can also mean showing up to events or using your voice to advocate. 

Even if you just give an extra hand to a neighbor in need or smile at someone who’s having a bad day, you’re making a difference for that person. Every act of generosity is important, and it starts with you. 

If you’re a part of our Sagepoint community and show support for our seniors this Giving Tuesday, we would be so grateful. For your safety and convenience, there are countless ways to contribute online. 

In fact, we are launching our annual year-end giving campaign, called “Together We Overcome.” Our seniors have shown so much resilience over the past few years, and the funds raised from this campaign will ensure they continue to receive the best possible care. 

To make a tax-deductible gift, please visit our secure campaign website. Thank you so much for your generosity and continued support. 

Two seniors chatting with caring staff member

Specialized Memory Services Make Daily Life More Manageable


Two seniors chatting with caring staff member


No two people are the same, which is why every senior at Sagepoint will always receive a personalized plan of care that works best for their unique situation. One of the specialized services that residents have to choose from is our memory care program. 

Memory care is particularly important for people dealing with memory loss due to dementia. Our experienced caretakers have specific training to help with residents who need more support with their memory.

The first thing that we do is try to make each person as comfortable as possible. Every room is designed to be cozy and feel less sterile and more like home. This has a positive effect on residents’ mental health because it allows them to actually enjoy where they’re living. 

Some of the room features that residents love include the open layout that promotes greater mobility throughout the living space. Another element that they appreciate is having a private bathroom with a shower. Every part of their suite is carefully planned for easier day-to-day living. 

Beyond just their living space, residents are also encouraged to be as active as possible each day. Our caretakers encourage that they participate in normal tasks to the fullest extent they are able, while also being nearby for added safety and any necessary supervision. 

Our staff is always staying on top of the newest memory care advancements. We are eager to introduce new technology like cognitive stimulation into the programs for our memory care patients. Even non-medical approaches, like our innovative art-making lessons and music program, can reveal strong neural pathways.

Sagepoint Foundation Co-Chairs Evie Hungerford and Sally Jameson

Sagepoint Senior Services Foundation Gears Up for Our 2021 Golf Tournament

Sagepoint Foundation Co-Chairs Evie Hungerford and Sally Jameson

Foundation co-chairs Evie Hungerford and Sally Jameson invite you to join the fun during our 2021 Golf Tournament

Last year’s Inaugural Golf Tournament was a rousing success so we have decided to continue the fun for a second year! This year the golf tournament will take place on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at Swan Point Yacht & Country Club. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with community leaders and make a difference for senior care in Southern Maryland.

Sagepoint is a nonprofit organization caring for seniors and people with disabilities in southern Maryland for nearly 50 years. Your support of the tournament allows us to continue providing vital programs and services for those who need it most. 

Sponsorship opportunities have been selling quickly. With different levels available, sponsors make the tournament possible with their contributions and enjoy benefits such as logos on tournament signage and presence on digital and social media. 

The Golf Tournament will include a full day of golfing with a captain’s choice scramble format, putting contests and an exclusive raffle for an opportunity to golf at Pinehurst No. 2. Registration for the main event has already sold out, with a waitlist on standby for any last-minute openings.

Luckily opportunities are still available for the Sip and Swing event. If you are new to golf or never golfed before, this is for you! From drinking wine to practicing yoga with just a little bit of beginner golf, you’re sure to have a fun and relaxed day on the course.

Register online today — the Sip and Swing package is listed under “Add-Ons/Extras” on our online registration site. Click here to learn more.

Woman being embraced by another woman in an assisted living environment

Sagepoint Assisted Living — A True Community

Woman being embraced by another woman in an assisted living environment

Sagepoint’s philosophy is that assisted living is about more than services or a facility. It’s about a true sense of place, of fulfillment, of community. Sagepoint offers exactly that…a welcoming and friendly community, where real connections are made among our caregiving professionals and residents.

Each resident receives personalized help with activities of daily living, encouraging independence and interaction. Our staff gets to know each person’s special interests and preferences, and ongoing assessments support aging in place. Private rooms with bathrooms are complemented by nutritious, delectable, full-service dining in our dining room. “Comfort food” and alternative menu choices are also available. Recreational and therapeutic activities fill the calendar. And of course, Sagepoint provides carefully designed and monitored individual plans of care, including medication management, regular visits by physicians and nurses, and many other specialized care details. 

We pride ourselves on creating a true home environment. Housekeeping, laundry services and even a full-service hair salon are all included. 

Sagepoint also understands the importance of a vibrant social atmosphere. Our residents are provided regular opportunities to interact with neighbors in an engaging environment. Activities like gardening, games, art and music add daily fun in addition to regular interactions out and about each day. We’ve structured our program to center around fostering connection and giving a foundation for friendships to blossom. 

To learn more about Sagepoint’s residential assisted living services, please call 301-934-0222 to arrange a personal consultation.

Photos of doctors and assisted living professionals caring for people

Called to Care: How One Caregiver Followed His Passion at Sagepoint

Photos of doctors and assisted living professionals caring for people

There’s nothing quite like helping others. And for our Caregivers at Sagepoint, helping is only the start of what they do. Each GNA, or geriatric nursing assistant, comes to work ready to engage and support our seniors in new ways each day. No two Caregivers have the same story, but they all share a passion for what they do. This is how Duane Izlar found the field of Caregiving — and why Sagepoint has been the perfect fit for him. 

From Construction Work to Caregiving 

For Izlar, being a Caregiver wasn’t always in his plans. He actually switched career paths following experience in the construction industry. While this may seem like a big transition, it actually was more natural than you might expect. 

Izlar’s brother had already been working as a Caregiver and had mentioned on many occasions that Izlar himself would be great at the job. Later on, when Izlar’s grandmother needed assistance, he began caring for her before looking to become a professional Caregiver.

“I’ve always liked helping people,” reflects Izlar. “It was meant to be.” 

Starting a New Career at Sagepoint 

After a decade in the Caregiving industry, Izlar knew of Sagepoint’s stellar reputation. In preparation to start a career here, Izlar took part in a free course that Sagepoint offers to interested Caregivers. Over the span of several weeks, these lessons offered intensive training in all areas needed to become a successful Caregiver. This includes review of relevant health care practices as well as Sagepoint-specific protocols. At the end of the training course, each individual takes a test through the Maryland Board of Nursing to earn their certification.

What Everyday Life is Like for a Caregiver 

In his four years at Sagepoint, Izlar has come to appreciate that no two days will ever be the same. He often starts his days checking in on his patients, making sure they feel good and are taking all of their prescribed medications.

 “We’re first in line when they have questions or need care,” says Izlar, who notes that he works closely with the full team of nurses to meet the needs of each person. Izlar works specifically with the Rehabilitation team, which can serve both long- and shorter-term patients. He says he values the conversations shared with them throughout the day. 

Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

In March 2020, the world turned upside down as everyone began scrambling to combat the COVID-19 virus. Izlar remembers this time vividly, noting, “it was scary for everybody.” 

Despite the initial confusion and panic faced in medical facilities across the globe, the team at Sagepoint “came together” through it all. Even when medical equipment seemed scarce, there was always some available for Caregivers — and every person on staff was careful to follow updated CDC recommended protocol as new measures were announced. 

While the experiences of the past year were sobering for everyone in our community, Izlar and his fellow Caregivers are the biggest reason we were able to come out on the other side. And Izlar himself can see the difference he makes in the lives of his patients, saying “At the end of the day you’re actually helping people — and that’s something I’m proud of.”

Every Stage of Senior Care

For Every Stage of Senior Care, There’s Sagepoint

Care for an aging loved one can take many stages. For family members and primary caregivers, the decisions about what type of care is right at what point in time can feel overwhelming. But the professionals of Sagepoint Senior Living Services have more than 40 years of experience serving families in Southern Maryland through all stages of aging. When the time is right to seek the best care — and successive levels of care — Sagepoint is the trusted source.

Adult Day Services

Sagepoint’s specially-trained day service providers provide help with daily activities from simple assistance to total care. Services range from administering medications and monitoring of physical conditions to nutrition consulting, weight management and other daily health oversights. Even accompaniment to social outings when family members cannot attend can be provided. We can alleviate many of the everyday worries that families and friends face for aging loved ones.

Home Care

A helping hand, a companion, a confidante. The Home Care professionals at Sagepoint can fulfill all of these roles in the comfort and security of your loved one’s own home. The challenges of daily housekeeping, laundry, cooking, errands, shopping and other everyday activities that most people take for granted can be attended to by our visiting in-home service providers. We get started with a comprehensive needs assessment by our Registered Nurse Case Manager. Depending on case by case needs, our home care professionals can provide bathing and grooming assistance, toileting and ambulation help and feeding assistance. Of course, the simple comfort of daily companionship that people of all ages need is equally important. All of these heartfelt services and more are available from Sagepoint.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Services

Sometimes, everyone needs help getting back into the fullness of life after an injury, surgery or other health obstacles. Sagepoint Senior Living Services offers rehabilitative care expertise to help you or a loved one overcome a setback and regain wellness.

Assisted Living, Long-term Care and Memory Care

Life is to be enjoyed, at every stage. Everyone at Sagepoint holds that ideal in high esteem, and it guides our care services for your aging loved ones who need a residential setting that truly meets their changing needs and focuses on their safety, security and happiness. Sagepoint’s progressive in-residence care services — including assisted living, long-term care and memory care — address every family’s concerns and needs on a personal level. 

To gain more knowledge about Sagepoint Senior Living Services, please phone 301-934-1900 to arrange a personal tour. 


Sagepoint’s Donors Provided Unprecedented Support in 2020


As a senior care nonprofit organization, Sagepoint has faced deep challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and our financial needs have increased dramatically since the spring of 2020:

  • Increased equipment costs for supplies such as HEPA filtration, sanitation and technology needs
  • Regular purchasing of personal protective equipment supplies for staff and residents
  • Soaring costs of continued weekly testing for staff and residents
  • Additional staff education to keep up with extensive regulatory changes throughout the pandemic.

However, our gracious benefactors have helped the organization meet these challenges by increasing their generous donations over the past several months to help us counter the effects that COVID-19 has disproportionately had on seniors. For this, we are honored and immensely grateful. 

Please visit our website here to learn how your contributions can continue to help Sagepoint sustain the health and well-being of seniors in southern Maryland during these unique times. 


Sagepoint’s Annual Golf Tournament is September 22, 2021.

We will continue to update you with more information.

Sagepoint Senior Services Foundation Welcomes Community Leaders to Foundation Board of Directors


As a respected nonprofit organization in service to the people of Southern Maryland, Sagepoint holds it in the highest importance for our top leadership to be pillars of the community who demonstrate our shared commitment to our fellow citizens on a daily basis. This is why we are particularly proud to welcome three new members to our Foundation Board of Directors. 

Charles County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Augustus “Gus” Proctor is a Charles County native who has shown his dedication to county residents throughout his career and personal life. Sgt. Proctor has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 29 years, and today serves as the Southern Region Coordinator and Administrative Sergeant for Districts 1 and 2. He volunteers with Lifestyles of Maryland, Special Olympics Maryland and also serves on the Board of the Spring Dell Center. He and his wife have three children and two grandchildren. 

Shirley Hancock retired from the Charles County Department of Health after 38 years as a nurse in several areas of public health, including maternity, pediatrics, communicable diseases and geriatric care. As part of her duties at the Health Department, she served as an Acting Director of Health Partners in Waldorf, and upon retirement was the Supervisor of the Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Programs. Nurse Hancock volunteered for over 15 years for the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors. She served many roles for the Foundation such as a term as the Board Chairperson, Chairperson for the gala event for many years and a member of the Capital Campaign Committee. Shirley lives in La Plata and is married with two children and two grandchildren. 

Ann Page brings a 44-year career in health care to her position with Sagepoint. Prior to her retirement in 2019, she served with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Quality and Outcomes Division in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. She has been a past Director of the Health Care Delivery and Management Administration of the D.C. Department of Health Care Finance. Her career has also included health policy leadership positions with the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, the Maryland Governor’s Office, the National Committee for Quality Assurance and the nationwide Institute for Health Policy Solutions in Washington, D.C. Ms. Page is the author of dozens of health care policy publications. 

These new Board members join Sagepoint’s already exemplary Board leadership. The Board of Directors for 2021 is as follows:

New 2021 Officers:

  • Christine Parker, Chair
  • Sue Greer, Chair Elect
  • Craig Renner, Secretary
  • Terry Weaver, Treasurer
  • Board Members:
  • Sally Jameson, Immediate Past Chair
  • Carolyn Core, SSLS Board Chair
  • Andrea Dwyer, President and CEO
  • Scot Ebron
  • Shirley Hancock
  • Evie Hungerford
  • Ann Page
  • Augustus “Gus” Proctor
  • Joyce Riggs, Foundation President