Reflections on Past Sage Advice Community Conversations Events Before Our Next Event

Reflections on Past Sage Advice Community Conversations Events Before Our Next Event

At Sagepoint Senior Living, we have always been dedicated to creating a community that not only caters to the physical well-being of our residents but also fosters mental and emotional support. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Sage Advice Community Conversations events, which aim to enlighten, empower and connect our community members. As we look back on some of our recent events, we are excited to share the enriching experiences we’ve had and remind you to keep an eye out for our next event.

We were grateful to host some impactful conversations at our past events. At Creative Approaches for Peaceful Caregiving, special guest Joan Foust shared invaluable insights on harmonious caregiving, offering practical strategies to enhance cooperation and reduce stress. With our Understanding Dementia conversation, we demystified dementia while providing a comprehensive overview and support for families navigating this challenge. We also hosted an event on Navigating Legal Options for Advanced Care Planning. This conversation focused on the legal aspects of end-of-life care, offering families the knowledge to make informed decisions, and underscoring our dedication to a holistic approach. 

Providing this resource for our community has become essential to our goal of supporting caregivers, seniors and their families. One attendee, Phillip Carpselli, expressed the value of sharing his experiences with others who understand. Another attendee, Brenda Dyer, shared her appreciation for the educational and supportive nature of the Sage Advice series. 

From feedback in the community, we see that these Sage Advice Community Conversations are more than just events; they are a vibrant expression of our commitment to lifelong learning and communal support. They represent the wisdom, compassion and shared experiences of our community that continually strengthen our support. 

It’s resources like these that make your contributions to our fundraising efforts, like the Caring Hearts campaign, so important. We could not make these valuable community resources possible without your unwavering support. 

Stay tuned for more details about our next Sage Advice event, and we look forward to welcoming you for another enriching experience. Together, we continue to thrive and grow as a community that values wisdom, compassion and shared learning.

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