See how “The Beat Goes On” brings a new rhythm to residents’ days

Musicians Alan Yellowitz & Adam Mason run “The Beat Goes On,” a health and wellness program that uses “ Rhythm Enrichment” to brighten the day at Sagepoint for seniors and especially those who have dementia.

“We go around to a lot of senior residences and get seniors to participate in the love of rhythm,” says Alan. “A lot of people would call it ‘drum circle’ but we refer to them as rhythm enrichment programs.” They note that rhythm is innate in people, and participants love to respond and move to rhythms in a way they might not respond to other activities. “Music is medicine,” they explain.

Alan Yellowitz, a pioneer in the development of percussion-based activities at Senior Communities and the founder of “The Beat Goes On,” has been a percussionist and drummer for 30 years. Alan has brought his passion for drums and music and blended it with this unique cutting edge rhythm therapy inspired by close friend Steve Gurney (publisher of Guide to Retirement Living / The Source Book).

Alan partnered with longtime friend and fellow drummer Adam Mason in 2010.The duo have the ability to get people to respond, engage and to touch individuals through percussion with this exceptional rhythm therapy program. Seniors respond to their leadership in ways that often surprise the staff, family members and the seniors themselves at Sagepoint.