“It’s Never 2 Late” technology enhances memory care therapy at Sagepoint

At Sagepoint’s Memory Care residence and also for our Adult Day Services, you’ll see seniors working together with staff and therapists on touch screen computers. “It’s Never 2 Late” (IN2L) is an innovative program that puts computer systems that empower individuals to connect, engage and enhance their cognitive abilities through technology.

Using modern technology can help elderly people with dementia. We live in a wired world, yet older adults are often left out. IN2L provides dignified, state-of-the-art activities and therapy experiences that enables creative and meaningful dementia programming. The system is built on a picture-based, touch-screen interface that allows users to simply “touch” their way to find engaging, educational, spiritual, and personalized content that is appropriate to their level of cognitive and physical ability.

IN2L’s technology allows activities adapted to each resident’s unique abilities and interests; improves socialization and quality of life; enriches communication with family and community; increases cognitive stimulation.

By introducing aging adults to the world of assistive technology, IN2L has provided the opportunity to experience and learn new life skills that enhance the quality of their lives.