La Plata Nursing Home Changes Name: Sagepoint Replaces CCNRC

La Plata nursing home changes name, online marketing tools: Sagepoint replaces CCRNC

LA PLATA, Md. (January 30, 2015) – Charles County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in La Plata is taking some sage advice to heart and making a change for the nonprofit’s future.

CCNRC is changing its name to Sagepoint Senior Living Services.

Bill Holman, president and CEO of Sagepoint, said talk of changing the name began more than a year ago.

“Our board and senior leadership team started putting together a 15-year plan for our future,” Holman said. The nonprofit’s board and leadership agreed with public comment for some years that the organization needed a recognizable brand and name. Holman said CCNRC “was confusing to many residents in the community” and “not as well-known as we thought it was.”