Caregiver Highlight – Abby Edejer

Caregiver Highlight – Abby Edejer

bby Edejer embodies a deep commitment to the well-being and dignity of each resident under her care. From her early days as a floor nurse to her pivotal position as a delegating nurse, her journey showcases remarkable resilience, adaptability and unwavering compassion.

“I’ve been pretty much all over Sagepoint,” Abby shared, reflecting on her diverse experience within the organization. Her journey through different departments, including a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic as an infection control and quality assurance nurse, has equipped her with a unique perspective on patient care. 

Now serving as the delegating nurse in Assisted Living, Abby is the advocate for residents’ medical needs. “I am pretty much the go-to person for our residents here. If they need something, if they’re in pain, or if there’s a change in their condition, I’m the one they rely on to communicate with doctors and manage their care,” Abby stated, emphasizing her role as the residents’ voice.

Abby’s commitment extends beyond medical advocacy; she also manages the resident assistants and teaches the MedTech class, ensuring that her team is well-prepared to provide the best care possible. “I love what I do. It’s rewarding to interact with the residents daily, to see familiar faces and to know that I’m making a difference in their lives.”

Her inspiration to pursue nursing sprang from a deeply personal experience—three months spent in a hospital as a child, battling a complicated case of appendicitis. “The kindness I received from nurses during that time left a lasting impact on me,” Abby reminisced. “I was so young, yet I knew I wanted to care for others the way those nurses cared for me.”

Within Sagepoint, Abby particularly cherishes the connections she forms with residents. “If I can put a smile on their face, that’s all that really matters. It’s about making every interaction count, treating them with dignity and respect, as if they were my own family.”

Abby’s role often extends to being the first point of contact for families seeking updates or needing to discuss their loved one’s care. “I’m usually the person family members reach out to with concerns, and it’s my job to keep them informed and reassured,” she explained.

Outside of her demanding role, Abby enjoys the tranquility of her home, travel, and time with her dogs and family. “After a day filled with interactions, I treasure my quiet time at home or a peaceful getaway to the beach,” she said, highlighting her balanced approach to work and life.

Abby’s profound commitment to the residents and families of Sagepoint Senior Living Services exemplifies the institution’s values of compassionate innovation and inclusive care. As she continues to touch lives within the assisted living community, Abby Edejer remains a beacon of empathy and excellence in senior care.